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Rose Tinted Glasses #2 – The Rise


Me and my younger cousin Wolfist started actively getting into ‘class-runs’ of Scholo, Strat and UBRS who were then 15 man at the time (Strat and Scholo might have been 10). (They call 10 mans raids now … ) and we still played with Woop on regular occasion as well as few other friends (Xermoss, Creatine, etc.) As we started getting some tier items. The more you did the class runs the more popular you got on the realms as it was main way of ‘progress’ and getting Tier 0 was the top-notch goal for us who didn’t know anything about raiding at the time. Getting my Paladin Epic Charger mount after several weeks of hard work and failing (You could only do it in one try per instance, it was advised had a very paladin heavy group to be able to do it, using specific abilities at right times on right mobs – judging with the correct seal active.) As we got our full Tier 0 (Shadowcraft and Lightforge appropriately) we tried started making guild runs to instances almost treating it like we would raids today – started with BRD, then Strat, Scholo, UBRS.

While we were completely irrelevant from standpoint of proper players we were learning how to play the game slowly and with it met a whole bunch of people. For a little while we joined a 8 gulid alliance that had a council built from several of us trying to basically expand connections and help eachother go further in their guild plans. (I doubt anything like this can happen today.) One of those guilds were Lorekeepers – then being led by a nice English fellow named Lorebringer.

I noticed a lot of people there were similar to us, in wishes, goals, ideas so we made a deal to be consumed (merged) into Lorekeepers and bring the guild to start raiding properly. (Zul Gurub was just announced as a 20 Man Raid.). We thought this would be a perfect starting point.

Raiding Career Begins

In the coming months we worked extremely hard, recruited massively and started getting grips with raiding, I was an Officer but I still had no clue how to manage people, Lorebringer on other hand had a preety good idea how to manage a guild for that time and standards, he kept it running and was Raid Leading, I was sorting the DKP and Paladin Class Leader (Zathrot was the holy paladin that taught me how to play) but the key there was sorting a guild of 60-80 active people out in a raiding environment.

Time passed and we slowly started raking in kills – Zul’Gurub got cleared, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair (Getting my Banana Set and Judgement Set while on it) and we started on Ahn’Qiraj.

In middle of Ahn’Qiraj I started with raid leading and managing the aspects of tactics, raid setups and general synergy of classes and specs in raids. It was a fruitful but stressful time. Especially because Lorebringer had less and less time to be online to properly manage the guild. This resulted in my debut raid leading from start of progress to the end of progress kill on Princess Huhuran in Ahn’Qiraj being the last kill we did as a guild – “Lorekeepers”  in that particular expansion (well, not expansion since concept of expansion in WoW wasn’t out yet.) as we chose to disband the guild after Huhuran was killed – being realm #5-#7 in progress at the time.

Fun fact – got some footage of those times and it will be added to the post. You can find me and Milish on some of these screenshots.

Lorekeepers Huhuran Kill Video [my first proper raid leading] – can hear my voice at the end … *cough* no comment.

broodlord Chrom fankriss nefarian ossirian rag1 sartura skeram vael








The Disband

Disband was a bit of a fluke. It was unwillingness of the officers to continue managing things (including my own) that brought to it. Nothing else can be blamed. The guildies split up and went to all kinds of different guilds on the realm. Myself, Lorebringer, Loren, Gnus and few other ended up in Unknown Immunity where we continued to raid for the duration of Ahn’Qiraj and Naxxramas – fairly successfully. Even though the guild was good there was always the sour feeling in back of our minds that we could have done more for the guild before disbanding it.

The whole period of time was extremely useful though – atmosphere in Lorekeepers was completely casual, Unknown Immunity had different one, still casual but more serious, strict but not hardcore, merely you had to pull your weight and be a fairly nice person and you had no issues. Guild was managed by a nice Danish guy named Jenc.

I liked the way guild functioned at the time. There was a lot that could be better but at the time I didn’t know better..

Seeing another guild operate from the inside was very handy as it shown me what mistakes we did in the past, what we did good that they were missing, It basically opened up my perspective to the potential we could achieve with proper management. I helped Unknown Immunity re-do their loot distribution system as it was very biased and ineffective, and made friends with many good players that later had important role in my next escapades (Darhraziel, Paagman, Torcha, etc.).

As Vanilla raiding was winding down I knew it was time to give Lorekeepres another shot.

We bounced the idea around a bit and saw that it was a viable option – and in matter of few weeks Lorekeepers were back, ready for TBC – this time armed with more experience, wider perspective and a lot of motivation. So began my time of being more serious use to the guild as an Officer.


Trivia: Lorekeepers still exsist today and are ranking quite highly averagely ever since it was re-made that second time. 😉

What happened next? I’ll let you know in Rose Tinted Glasses #3 – What do we do, when we want more?







Rose Tinted Glasses #1 – The Beggining


I never was overly interested in what makes people work the way they do, what influences their decisions or what overall makes them who they are.

Especially not from academic standpoint. I’ve got in to ‘business’ of managing people more by accident than by plan and since the faithful year of 2005 when it all began I’ve come very far in successfully reaching the goals we set ourselves upon as a group – a community. Considering we all come from different backgrounds, age groups, experiences, genders, belief systems and many other tiny variables which all make up of who we are – we somehow mostly managed to not kill each other and get some good results – the road there and beyond is far from simple – as is everything where people are involved.

Rose Tinted Glasses – Nostalgia

This section will contain bits and bats of information that is relevant to the narrative of how my guild managing days started and evolved through time. How different decisions and options chosen affect me / us even today and how it all fits in to the grand scheme of my perfect idea of the guild! Disclamer : Sanity not guaranteed past this point.

The Early Days


When I first started playing World of Warcraft, honestly I had no idea what I wanted, what I expected. It was just another thing to do on boring days as school wasn’t very challenging or interesting – the whole academic process in general seems to be built for people that don’t work like I do.

I never really felt comfortable or interested in what it is they are trying to teach us that would be useful in long term aside from teaching you how to learn, get knowledge yourself, expanding and explaining your ideas and having good arguments to support the idea you are presenting. Connecting all these was pure cold logic, but we wouldn’t be people if we wouldn’t apply the subjective part and emotions in to it as well – this is where the Academic world became completely devoid of anything interesting for me. Complete objectivity while valuable seemed a mistaken concept. A concept someone else can tackle … me I want to kill internet dragons and be a software developer.

World of Warcraft

So what does any of the above have anything to do with WoW ? Well since I had to do something with my time I was looking for some entertainment (don’t we all?) – I was visiting my cousins, with whom we used to play games with at every occasion we could get. They shown me the game for which they said is very amazing. When they got me into it I had no clue what it will all mean but it changed me and affected me in many ways in the course of the coming years.

When I first started playing I was trying different things out and I started playing a Tauren Warrior and gave it a sufficiently original name of … Mercauren on Daggerspine. Original .. yeah.  Since I didn’t understand the mechanics of the game I got tired of playing a warrior really fast since I didn’t know how to eat food, or bandage so I just waited until my health regenerated between mobs to kill them. Suffice to say it took forever to do anything.

Soon we decided to re-roll our characters on a different realm called “Darksorrow” to start again from the beginning and I bravely rolled a Paladin this time – so that I can heal myself between mobs rather than having to wait. Thus Mercus the Paladin was born. The amazing escapades of leveling and stories that happened on the way will be saved for another time and another post.

There is one story that is key to the point I’m trying to make today. That is the story of how me and my cousins made our first guild : The Servants of Light.

We were about level 16 at the time, and generally we were completely clueless when it came to knowing anything about managing people, guilds or well – just about anything. We were just there to play the game and were looking for people who did the same – had no goals, other than to get our characters to 60, guild was just a vessel for conversations.

Servants of Light

My older cousin who shall be known from here on out as Woop was the leader of the guild, and my younger cousin Wolfist was an officer with me – and at the time and we generally picked up new members for our  guild in random dungeons (which were at the time limited to realm). Building groups for dungeons at the time took a very long time, so you got to know the people a little bit before you entered the dungeon.

Guild was steadily growing and more members we got, the more joined since more people were passively getting to know more people. And with the growing guild came the importance of managing it. In the process of leveling and figuring out new things on daily basis about how the game works Woop decided to pass on the leadership of the guild to me and move on to another guild where he felt he will learn more. (He was faster, more capable and more involved at the time already.) I at the time didn’t know my left foot from right in World of Warcraft terms yet.

I didn’t have the slightest clue how to manage the guild and numbers just kept swelling. In time I’ve got to meet some of the people better and built officer team around me to simply help me with things we were attempting to do at the time. (From today’s standard this goals seem insanely trivial, but at the time these were huge undertakings for a group of completely new players – pretty much all of us were on our first serious characters.)  The goals we set to ourselves were :

– Get gold to create guild tabard (10g)
– Get Demonslaying and +9 Damage on 2 Hander Enchants (nice red and blue glows).
– Get to level 60 as characters.

Ranks in guild were based on levels (crazy notion) and at top we had Guild Master (me) and Officers. To prove a point on how clueless we were as a guild – we were on PvP server and held many weird (almost RP like events) where we’d gather at guild headquarters and then just spend time there, dueling, talking, giving updates of what was happening with the guild and similar.

That was the first crucial point in my WoW Career. I realized we aren’t all the same. (Shocker, I know.)

We are not all the same!

We held all this wonderful events, random lotteries, guild quests, occasional guild dungeons, “helping” each other out if we were higher level with low level stuff (“helping” being interesting word here because a lot of time we were simply too clueless that we were more of an obstacle than help to each other.)

Turns out there were few people in the guild, who couldn’t care less about all that, they were just leveling and working on their professions and were talking about this weird things called Scholo, Strat that were supposedly impossible to do. Soon they’ve caught up with everyone or even got ahead of us (while we were busy doing random things they were levelling) and then they said that they will get to 60 and will kill an amazing dragon called Onyxia. To me it sounded like something they invented, didn’t believe WoW had anything after reaching 60. I thought we were done and that was it. That moment was when my competitive spirit kicked in – the day that changed everything.

The Day that changed everything

I’m competitive by nature, I want to be first, best, and I want to know that I am there due to the effort I put in. So I’ve said to myself that things need to change.

That was the day when I did something different to all other days, instead of looking for who needs help with something random in the guild I decided to level (I’ve been on level 40 for about two weeks by then, simply enjoying my Warhorse riding around the world doing random stuff) – to great stress of Woop who wanted me to speed it up so we could play together.

In a few weeks I reached the maximum level of 60. And what happened then ?

The whole world opened up – when you got to level 60 you just started realizing how amazing the game was, people were running up to you being amazed because being maximum level was extremely rare, they looked up to you as you looked up to those that came before you. They looked at you with that same charm as we were looking at rare few people (who by then we knew by name) who seemed to have been wearing matching armor with matching names – they called it Tier 0, and I knew I had to get some.

There were other paladins on Darksorrow that seemed to know what they were doing at the time (Olizandri, Elho, Peresvet, Alastor, Ori, etc.) that I looked up to and that is what pushed me to actually start playing the game seriously – to push forward, to try to be like them.

This in turn made me realize that the guild was split in several little subgroups each pulling the guild in their own direction, which wouldn’t be happening if we were united with same goals, same hopes and same basic idea behind it.

That moment the choice was made. It was time to do something radical. What was done? We’ll have a look back to that in Rose Tinted Glasses #2 – The Rise

<I will attempt to find some old screenshots to add to the post in the coming few days.>