First Week of Legion Raiding

Legion is well underway, our raiding schedule has ended for the first week of Legion raiding and the time has come to reactivate this blog with updates about our raid progress! I’ll be posting updates like this one, summarizing our progress up until everything is on farm.

In my time with Dark Glare, this has been perhaps the most organized guild-wide preparation effort towards a new expansion launch. Everyone with beta researched and practiced their class as well as sharing various tips and tricks to make leveling, gearing and preparation as smooth as possible. The first week of Mythic dungeons opening was a little hectic – people formed groups ad hoc as time allowed – but the following two weeks, we organized into groups to gear ourselves as efficiently as possible.

And by now – after 4 raids – we have cleared Heroic Emerald Nightmare. An extra raid day was necessary, as we lost a lot of time on Cenarius while learning to handle the Nightmare Brambles. (The lack of an indicator for the target the brambles are chasing is incredibly frustrating.) Some extra time was also lost on the first two bosses we did – Nythendra and Il’gynoth – since we had to adapt our tactics, particularly regarding add priority on Il’gynoth.

Let’s hope we can keep this level of preparation and play for the coming weeks – Mythic is right around the corner, and the real progress begins there.

Our plan for the next reset is to dip our toes into Mythic first, then clear Heroic afterwards. I’ll bring more updates as we get further into Mythic. Stay tuned!

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