Legion and Guild Changes

During Legion we’ve actively raided every tier and for most part killed things second or third on the realm. There were also a few realm first kills but most of them were taken by other guilds. We’ve managed to clear Emerald Nightmare within time for Cutting Edge but in the later instances we ran late, Gul’dan we missed out by roughly a week and as things stood it would also repeat on Kil’jaeden.

Due to misalignment between raiders – people seeing raiding differently, having too different goals one from another and non matching expectations I’ve decided to step down from managing raids and the guild until I had a clearer vision in mind in what we wanted to achieve and how we are going to do it.

In turn we’ve stopped raiding for a while and have been slowly working on reforming the guild so it more closely matches the intention.

– We will increase our raid hours per week to 12 to begin with and possibly eventually to 16 if the raiders within the guild will feel like this is a realistic thing to do, and have the interest for it.

– Secondly we will refocus the effort on bringing up raiders freshly rather than counting on perpetual recruitment to fill the gaps as that lead to significantly larger member turnover than wanted. We are looking for long term members who live and breathe for the guild and get the same in return.

– We will go back to the basics and evaluate where people are doing things wrong as in the past it has shown that inability to prepare properly, badly set up UI, as well as over lenient approach all harmed us in the long term and micromanage few things that can be done in order to bring higher level of satisfaction to the whole raid group.

More on this topic will come in future posts, but this is the core idea.

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