Dark Glare

Welcome to our official website.

Who are we?

We are a 20 man raiding guild situated on European Role-Playing realm called The Sha'tar. We were created on 5th of May 2008. Since then we have been raiding more or less successfully, earning various achievements and successes we are proud of. You can find more information and specifics in the Information Section of the website.

What is our guild philosophy?

Our core ideal and wish since the guild was created was to offer and provide a fun and strong raiding environment in which good players would thrive and further improve themselves, teaching others and learning from each other to become better as a focused group of individuals with firm and well set goals. Some have started their first raiding experiences in Dark Glare, developed, became better players - some even outgrew the guild and moved on to greener pastures on other realms or other guilds on the realm. Others came to the guild as raiding veterans, expanded their knowledge from others and rubbed their experience and knowledge to others thus leaving a rich heritage behind. Our main goal is to improve the quality of raids on Sha'tar through virtues of patience, knowledge and friendly competition.

Are we the right guild for you?

We firmly believe that relationship has to be established in order to be happy in the guild. Relationship between the guild and the member has to be two-sided agreement where not only the guild is happy with the performance and behaviour of a member but also that the guild member is happy with the performance of the guild, rest of the members, that respect is established and that they are willing to follow the guild philosophy. Strong social bonding is key to success - if you want to integrate into guild society well you will need to do more than just raidlog

We are not looking for players who just want to raid and do not want get involved in the guild atmosphere.

If you believe you have something to give, are willing to learn, can make our raid times and enjoy the challenge of raiding, please drop us an application through our Application Forum or whisper the officers online (Mercus, Liandryn, Rleenku).