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We are a 20 man raiding guild situated on European Role-Playing realm called The Sha'tar.

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We were created on 5th of May 2008. Since then we have been raiding more or less successfully, earning various achievements and successes we are proud of.

What is our guild philosophy?

Our core ideal and wish since the guild was created was to offer and provide a fun and strong raiding environment in which good players would thrive and further improve themselves, teaching others and learning from each other to become better as a focused group of individuals with firm and well set goals. Some have started their first raiding experiences in Dark Glare, developed, became better players - some even outgrew the guild and moved on to greener pastures on other realms or other guilds on the realm. Others came to the guild as raiding veterans, expanded their knowledge from others and rubbed their experience and knowledge to others thus leaving a rich heritage behind. Our main goal is to improve the quality of raids on Sha'tar through virtues of patience, knowledge and friendly competition.

Are we the right guild for you?

We firmly believe that relationship has to be established in order to be happy in the guild. Relationship between the guild and the member has to be two-sided agreement where not only the guild is happy with the performance and behaviour of a member but also that the guild member is happy with the performance of the guild, rest of the members, that respect is established and that they are willing to follow the guild philosophy. Strong social bonding is key to success - if you want to integrate into guild society well you will need to do more than just raidlog.

We are not looking for players who just want to raid and do not want get involved in the guild atmosphere.

If you believe you have something to give, are willing to learn, can make our raid times and enjoy the challenge of raiding, please drop us an application through our Application Forum or whisper the officers online (Mercus, Faith, Emerys, Hardwave, Shalaera), or poke any of the guild members who will direct you to the officers.


Raid Times

Wednesday 20.30 to 23.30
Thursday 20.30 to 23.30
Sunday 20.30 to 23.30

Invites start 15 minutes before raid start.

Be prepared for raids

Being prepared means having your own flasks, potions, elixirs, food buff, buff runes for any amount of boss fights / tries that will be done during the night. This includes reading up and knowing boss fights which we might face in the selected tier of raiding before you join the raids. It is key that you know your role inside out. Know the basics of your class - what to gem, what to enchant, and what spec to have for each specific fight - ideally being able to play all specs of your chosen class in case they perform better on a specific fight, or are better fit for a specific fight setup wise.

Treat guild members with respect

Guildies are supposed to be people you like to spend time with. It is within reason to understand that not everyone will like everyone else, but in case of clashes please contact officers straight away either online, on skype, phone or any other way you can to resolve any issues before they escalate.

Follow Blizzard's code of conduct and special rules for RP Realms

It was your decision to be on this realm, therefore we except you to follow the rules of the realm. If you are not sure about the specific rules follow the link given to you when you login to the game. Regular rules of respectful behaviour and naming policies still apply.

Do not argue in Guild Chat!

Differences of opinions might happen. Sometimes they might be severe or purely a difference in passion. We all come from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, cultures, etc. Keep them level headed and don't resort to insults, if you have issues with the topics or quality of chat - inform an officer. In case there is a problem in middle of the raid, wait until raid ends and speak to officers about it after the raid as not to interrupt the raiding process.

Trial Period!

Trial Period lasts five full raids. We will attempt to put you in those raids as fast as possible however you are more likely to be given a chance on farm bosses / raids rather than progress raids. After five raids we will either offer you a spot as a full member of the guild, offer you a social spot in case you fit in well but weren't quite ready yet to join the raiding team or fail your trial and remove you from the guild. Social raiders can reapply for raiding rank on agreement with the guild leadership.

Represent your guild!

When you post on the forums, stroll around the world, PvP, or do anything else you wear our guild tag under your name. Regardless if you want it or not, you are representing our guild. We care about our reputation and will warn and punish unnaceptable behaviour that might harm our image.

Leaving the guild and rejoining!

If you would like the rejoin the guild after you left it we will evaluate each case seperately to decide whether we will accept you back or not. The final decision rests with the Guild Mistress / Guild Master. To limit guild hopping and realm transfers in search for glory we might enact certain restrictions on returning players to re-evaluate their loyalty. (This generally means limited raid spot avaliability, and re-trialing however the decision as said is case based and made by the Guild Mistress / Guild Master).


100% raid attendance is expected unless pre-arranged with the guild leadership on individual basis. As long as we know up front and can arrange for smooth and consistent raiding - raiding less than 100% is not a problem.


Ventrillo is there to be used! Don't be afraid to announce something if you feel its important and has not been said. Communinication is key to success - microphone is not required but strongly recommended.

This does not mean Ventrillo should be used to explain how your dog is humping your leg right now during an intensive phase on a difficult progress fight. Feel free to talk, just be able to recognize when its a good time to speak and when not.

No arguments during raids!

Arguments of any kind during the raids are not acceptable. No blaming, no finger pointing, no picking on each other. If you have a problem - notify an officer that you have a problem to be resolved after the raid has finished. If someone makes a mistake which has been severe enough to need specific highlighting it will be noted by the Raid Leader.

No leaving raid early! (emergencies excluded)

If you've gotten a spot in raid, it usually means someone else is sitting on backup because you are in raid, this means that you should attempt to do everything you can to make sure that you stay for full raid duration (emergencies excluded). Loot you wanted not dropping or similar reasons are not good reasons! If you have to leave early notifiy the raid leader prior to the raid start, or in case of an emergency notify the raid leader during the raid. (Or log off and notify the raid leader through other means of communication as soon as possible.)

Punctuality and Start Times!

Raid Invites start at 20:15 and finish at 20:30, which is when the raid begins. (When times change to any reasons they will be noted down in Guild Message of the Day) You should be online and ready with all the raiding accessories at 20:15, you should start making your way towards the instance in the next 5 minutes. You should be inside the instance 20:25 latest so the raid can begin at 20:00 sharp. If you will be late for invites (after 20.15 but before 20.30) or the raid altogether let the raid leader know ahead of time so they can plan the raid properly.

Repairs and Food!

Guild Repairs are open at all times for raiders should be used only during raid times (or after raid to repair). Using guild gold to repair for non raid activities is frowned upon.

Social Rank

Due to high popularity we've started a Guild Friend system a long time ago. This means that practically anyone can join the guild on social rank as long as they have a memeber vouching for their behaviour. In most cases this means that they can join our alt/second/third/any raids as well as participate in our guild related events such as random battlegrounds or other things we might do. In case of any serious problems caused by social members they will be removed from the guild.

Loot distribution

We reach the consensus of who gets loot with majority of the members in the raid at the time, awarding people who need it most, but also have proven to be valuable additions to the guild. A custom Dark Glare Loot Council addon is used to achieve this - select members of the raid are chosen voters for the decisions on loot with Raid Leader having the final say. It is seamlessly intergrated into WoW UI so regular raid members do not need an addon.